• AC Servo direct twin drive punching machine realises maximum productivity with smallest energy consumption.
  • High speed axes giving 128 m / min travel achieving unparalleled processing.
  • 30T punching capacity.
  • Patented bridge frame construction for high speed, accurate operation.
  • 45 station Z style or 58 station triple track turrets allow for standard configuration of your commonly used tools.
  • Power vacuum & air-jet vacuum slug pull systems ensure slug free processing.
  • Programmable ram stroke allows for high quality, flexible forming operations.
  • AMNC Windows based network ready control.
  • Built-in tool balancer allows for easy loading / unloading of large tool stations.
  • Brush table for quieter operation.
  • Available in 2500mm x 1270mm and 2500mm x 1525mm bed sizes.
  • 4.5mm brush bed for thicker material processing.
  • 500mm x 500mm work-chute for more processing options.
  • 8 station multi-tapping unit for in cycle threading operations.
  • Floating brush table ensures punched down forms do not catch on dies.

High speed P&F (Punch & Form) function allows higher and more flexibility forming operations.

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