Precision Machining using CNC Turning:

  • Components produced with repetition and accuracy
  • Many components require secondary precision milling operations however, the driven tooling allows the component to be fully finished on one machine, reducing time and cost
  • Complex components made with ease
  • Programs can be saved to reduce repeat set up costs.
  • High Speed Precision Machining that shorten lead times.
  • Most materials including hardened steels can be cut with new cutter technology.

    Arconia engineering has CNC machinery which incorporates the following:

  • Bar Feed
  • Part catcher to protect components
  • Pockets and Island Precision Machining
  • Milling, Drilling and Rigid Tapping
  • C Axis Precision Machining
  • Read DXF, NC Codes and can incorporate offline programming

    All our CNC Machines are networked for efficient data transfer between each machine with CAD/CAM Machining 2D/3D software.